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Summer Sports Camps at the U.S. Service Academies

Updated: Apr 21

Meet Coaches, Cadets and Staff, Plus See the Schools and Facilities

Students who attended the Air Force Academy Sports Camps

Want to see the U.S. Air Force Academy up close? Spend time with cadets at the U.S. Military Academy? Do you desire to meet the track coaches at the U.S. Naval Academy?

Then, you should consider attending one of their Sports Camps!

Sports Camps at the various U.S. service academies are an ideal way to visit the schools. As the example illustrated above, the Air Force Academy will open registration for the 2023 camps on December 5. The same should be true later in 2023 for both Army, Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy too. Each one host camps over the summer.

All of my students apply to the summer seminars at USAFA, USMA, USNA and USCGA. However, only a few will be selected to attend the in-person sessions. A great alternative to the seminars are the Sports Camps. Plus, camps are available for all ages of athletes -- not just rising juniors.

Many of my students have attended and enjoyed the entire Sports Camp experience. As noted previously, each met the sports coaches of their chosen sport, such as wrestling, gymnastics, volleyball and cross country. Attendees stayed in the dormitories, ate in the dining facilities and met cadets and midshipmen. All learned ways to improve their skills, plus they enjoyed the first-hand experiences of being at the schools.

Nothing replaces the ability to touch, feel and visualize being at USAFA, like being there. Sports Camps allow you to have this experience at West Point or Annapolis. Look at each of the following websites to explore your options to attend one of the Sports Camps:

If you hope to play a collegiate sport at one of the U.S. service academies, you may use the websites noted to complete an online recruitment form informing each school of your interest to play a collegiate sport. The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy also recruits athletes to play on their sports team, USMMASports.com. Note that USMMA does not host any sports camps for students.

Want to see one of the U.S. service academies up close? Then consider attending a summer Sports Camp. Summers are a great time for school visits so start making your plans today!

[I would welcome a chance to discuss details with you. I offer admissions coaching services to pace and prepare you (and your parents!) for the entire Academy application process . . . along with advice about athletics and sports! Contact me at chris@cbbrechin.com, 503.515.7406 or complete my contact form on the home page.]


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