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My Services

Let's talk!  I can quickly determine your current status and situation. A junior in high school will be in a different position than a freshman or a senior. My fees for admissions coaching services are based upon your status and timing. My charges for a younger student are very close to the fees I charge for a mid-year high school junior or senior as I find starting 'early' to be a great advantage for preparing to apply to the Academy and an ROTC scholarship.


My Coaching Services include:


  • Introductory Assessment, 30 – 60 minutes, no charge

Let’s discuss your current status along with your interests and goals. We’ll review a basic set of steps to admission. Please register on the Home page, or call/text me (at 503.515.7406),  and I’ll be sure to arrange an appointment time with you (and your parents) for our introductory phone call.


  • In-Depth Review

Initial calls and emails will be used to assess your skills, academic standing and extracurricular activities.  Typically, this review will take a few weekly sessions.  We'll explore all aspects of your qualifications along with your goals.


  • Admissions Plan

You and I will put together a specific plan to build on your strengths and fill in any ‘gaps’ that we identify. The plan will provide timing of activities and preparation for major steps in the process as well as recommendations on which academic courses to take, extracurricular activities and summer programs in which to participate along with other recommended steps. In short, a plan aimed at maximizing your chances to earn an appointment and/or a Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship for the Army, Navy or Air Force. Your plan will allow you to apply to one, a few or all of the military 'scholarships' that interest you. I do not charge additional fees for multiple pursuits, including all eight programs that are available to high school students.


  • Essay Prep Sessions

We’ll put together ideas and concepts for the essays you will write during the applications process. During the different steps, you will be asked to write an essay on a significant personal event, which will allow you to talk about your character and values. We will use a shared document to allow us to work together effectively.


  • Progress Reviews and ‘Next Steps’

I’ll work with you to keep up a strong cadence to complete your applications as well as ensuring that the paperwork is complete and captures all of the necessary elements. We will typically meet weekly. I will make myself available as needed to provide you (and your parents) active support throughout the entire admissions process. 


  • Ad Hoc Availability

The entire application process is quite confusing and very involved. I will be available to answer questions quickly about the correspondence that you will receive from your Congressional representatives, from the Service Academy admissions offices and from others involved in the process like DODMERB and the evaluating officer(s) that will interview the applicant.


  • Interview Prep Sessions

Most applicants will go through several interviews to obtain a Congressional nomination, an ROTC scholarship and a Service Academy appointment. I will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable with the kinds of questions that you will be asked. Using a foundation to respond to questions, you can be confident during your Congressional nomination interview as well as the Service Academy Admissions Officer and ROTC interviews. 


  • Letters of Recommendations

Most nomination applications will require recommendation letters. Generally, you are requested to seek recommendations from a teacher or principal, a community leader and a coach or mentor.  I will provide written guidance as well as any direct assistance requested by your ‘recommenders’ to help them capture the important points to cover. Your teachers will also be asked to complete online evaluations for each Service Academy, including comments on your character and integrity as compared to your peers. We will prepare for these additional steps and discuss the best 'candidates' for these evaluations.


  • Extracurricular Activities / Leadership / Athletics

All of the Academies emphasize the three pillars of a well-rounded cadet candidate: academics, athletics and activities/leadership. Your successful involvement in all three areas is important. Your participation in extracurricular activities should involve your leadership of some aspects of a club, group, team or the like. We will talk about your current participation in both athletics and other activities to round out your application.


  • Medical Evaluation and Fitness Tests Advice

Each qualified candidate will take a medical (physical and eye) examination in person as well as a candidate fitness test for each of the Academies and ROTC. I will advise you on both activities. The fitness test is something that must be prepared for early in the application process and will be part of your personalized “Admissions Plan.” I have extensive experience working with students addressing questions and issues with DoDMERB.


  • Prep and Pro-active Engagement with the ALO, BGO or FFR

Each of the Academies will require an interview with a local representative. For the AFA, it will be the Air Force Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO), who is often a reserve or retired AF officer. The Army uses the Field Force Representative (FFR), typically a local volunteeror other representative who conducts the interviews for USMA. The Navy uses Blue and Gold Officers (BGOs), who are often retired Naval Academy graduates. We’ll discuss how to work with your LO/BGO/FFR.  What's more, we will prepare for the ROTC scholarship interview that is required with an ROTC unit to fulfill that particular scholarship's requirements.


  • Cadence

It is imperative that an applicant meets all of the deadlines for the nomination and service academy application process, including interviews, physicals, and other key events. I’ll work with you to maintain the proper timing and cadence to complete the process.


  • Post-Appointment Advisory and Preparation 

An appointment (or multiple appointments and ROTC scholarships) requires a decision on which one to select as well as preparing for the chosen program. I will work with you to assist with your choice as well as following this decision with advice and planning so that you are ready for the big day!




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