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The Admissions Process

Applying to any of the service academies is a long and arduous process.  I encourage you to start early with your preparation to apply and enter the Academy of your choice.  I work with high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors along with college students to prepare for and execute on all of the steps of the application process.


Give me a call and we can discuss the steps you can take to prepare.  Start early and work with me as I will provide coaching and advice throughout our time together.


The 'formal' application process will follow this general roadmap:


  • Junior Year of High School: take the SAT and/or ACT and ensure the scores are sent to the schools of your choice.


  • December / January of Junior Year

    • You may want to apply for the Summer Seminar / Summer Leaders Experience at one or more of the Academies.  This action serves as the preliminary application for each Academy.

    • As your admissions coach, you and I will discuss all of the preparation steps that you should be following at this point.


  • March 1 (of your junior year or 15-months prior to the July 1 entry)

    • Use the Academy admissions websites to  complete preliminary application(s) to the Academy or Academies of your choice.

    • Send letters during this period to your Congressional representatives and the Vice President (and any other category sources for which you may qualify).


  • Candidate

    • You will move to "candidate" status as each Academy determines that you are qualified.

    • You'll want to ask for letters of recommendations from different sources.

    • Transcripts will be required to be sent from your school.

    • You and I will continue to discuss all of the preparation steps that you should be following at this point.


  • Nomination

    • The nomination type and source will determine many of the next steps with each school that you have selected.  Students cannot continue in the application process without receiving a nomination.


  • Medical Examination

    • Administered by the DOD Medical Examination Review Board.


  • Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA)

    • Prepare early for this testing often administered by your high school PE teacher.


  • Interview with your ALO/BGO/FFR or other admissions representative

    • This important meeting and interview allows the Academies to associate your experiences with the different scores recorded for you as part of your 'whole person' score.


  • Selection

    • You should know results by April 15.

    • You must accept your appointment by May 1.

    • Note that some candidates may receive a 'letter of assurance' as early as September of the previous year.

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