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The Long Blue Line

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I found some great articles on the USAFA website. A number of interviews are included on the site, including one about C2C James Roberts. Cadet Roberts discusses his reasons for attending the Academy as well as the opportunities that USAFA provides. He wants to serve and the Air Force provides the path for him to fulfill this calling.

Take a moment to read this article along with others from C3C Faith Van Havel, C1C Brianna Martinez and C3C Thomas Chandler. One common trait among them is the preparation each undertook to compete successfully for an appointment. Each worked diligently with a laser focus prior to the entering the admissions process.

Can you compete as 'they' have? I'm sure you can. I taught them in my classes at USAFA, I shared the terrazzo with them during my cadet days and I assisted them as an ALO when I served in this capacity.

Let's talk about how you can compete! Send me an email at chris@cbbrechin.com.

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