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Congratulations Class of 2016!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Cadets at the U.S. Naval Academy graduated today. USCGA cadets graduated on May 18th and USMA graduated on May 21. Air Force cadets will graduate next week on June 1. And finally, USMMA cadets will graduate on June 18.

All have worked very hard over the last four years, and they should be proud of their accomplishments. But the true focus of this hard work is beginning.

Graduates will head to new assignments. Some will enter training for a specialization. Others will go to pilot training while others will head directly to a base for their first job as a 2nd Lieutenant.

For the Army, most graduates will attend the Basic Officer Leader Course followed by a branch-specific course for a specialization. Nearly 30% of Naval Academy graduates will become Marines and attend Basic School located in Quantico, VA. Coast Guard cadets will report for their first unit and some others will report for flight training in Pensacola, FL. The list is long and varied, but the commitment to defending and protecting the United States is the role that all will fulfill.

The new uniforms are crisp and filled with pride. The smiles are broad and genuine, and their stride is full of purpose and focus. Congratulations Class of 2016! God's speed in all that you do and best of luck in your new assignments as military officers.

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