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The Key to Your Success

Self-discipline. It ensures we complete assignments, fulfill commitments and succeed at the tasks that we undertake. The Academies see a demonstration of your self-discipline when you earn different long-term awards, such as the Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts, the Gold Award in Girl Scouts and the Cadet Colonel rank in Civil Air Patrol. Long-term participation with dance, gymnastics and sports teams where you advance your skills and are recognized for this advancement demonstrate your discipline. For example, earning a Black Belt in one of the martial arts is another demonstration of your self-discipline.

Twelve percent of the AFA Class of 2016 earned Eagle Scout or a Gold Award. Some 87% lettered in a sport and 11% were class president. The other service academies have similar profiles.

Why does self-discipline matter? It matters because a self-disciplined person will succeed at the Academy and will be an effective military officer. When things get tough, your self-discipline and drive will get you through the situation successfully.

As Lou Holtz said, "Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period."

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