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'Cut' in Line for USCGA Admissions

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

"Early” February is the time to start applying to the Coast Guard Academy’s AIM program (which stands for “Academy Introduction Mission”). This summer program for ‘soon-to-be’ high school seniors occurs in three sessions of one week over the first three weeks of July in 2016. It is an ideal way to learn about USCGA first-hand and see the campus up close. The application is due by April 1 so get started soon. And you will be notified by May 1 if you are accepted. The tuition fee of $475 will be due by June 1.

Have the following in hand before you start the on-line application at www.uscga.educ:

  • Your preferred email address

  • Guidance counselor name, email, phone number, and mailing address

  • Scanned copy of your most recent high school transcript

  • If applicable, the name of colleges your parents and siblings attend(ed)

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